2018 Wrap Up: Another Record Breaker!



And here we are, at the end of 2018 already... and oh my, we've been keeping super busy! 

You can scroll back through our news page or Facebook to see our highlights (including sending our largest ever international contingents to World's and Australs, breaking a record number of judges at Easters and Australs and making the prelimiary octofinals at Australs), but we've been up to even more over the last months of 2018:


  • Successfully holding our title as the Runner's-Up Club of the Year 2018 (That's 3 years in a row we've got an award in that category!) 
  • Selecting an amazing World's contingent (which has continued our trend of sending full World's Contingents!), who will be heading to Cape Town just after Christmas, comprising:
    • UOW 1: Ben Hewitt and Orion Leppan-Taylor
    • UOW 2: Lucy Cowen and Patrick Bell
    • Adjudicator: Michaela Adriao
  • Crushing it at Minis:
    • UOW's Mid-Week Pre-World's MiniGong was a smash hit, with over 50 students attending-even some from NEW ZEALAND (yep, you read that right!) to debate at our pristine campus, and the twist of hosting it during the week (instead of on the weekend) proved to be surprsingly popular! 
    • UTS IV, where UOW dominated the Grand Final by repping 2 teams, with exec team Jack and Imogen winning, and our own Eileesha being Cheif Adjudicator!
    • Sydney Mini, where Eileesha again smashed the glass ceiling and judged all the way to the Grand Final
    • Melborune Mini, where Ben made the grand final (apparently pulling some very interersting dance moves mid-speech too!) 
  • Hosting awesome schools days in November, with over 60 students from HS and PS coming from across the Illawarra to debate it out and learn all about debating!

As you can see, even when Uni stops, SWORDS powers on! We've got some awesome ideas for 2019, and with major competitions near (such as UNSW and Macquaire) and far (such as Bali and Thailand), we're going to keep taking the world by storm, showing everyone that UOW is a force to be reckoned with!

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