• SWORDS: Students of Wollongong Organised Recreational Debating Society

    SWORDS: Students of Wollongong Organised Recreational Debating Society

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  • UOW Breaks at Easters 2019!

    UOW Breaks at Easters 2019!

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    Easters Teams Revealed!

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    Amazing Worlds Results

  • Minis Are No Match For SWORDS!

    Minis Are No Match For SWORDS!

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    Mini-Gong Pre-Worlds: A Smash Hit!

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    UniClubs' Club of The Year Prizes!

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    Wom*n's Contingent 2018-Slayers!

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    The 2018/19 Exec Team!

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    ANU Spring Contingent 2018

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    Best Australs Results EVER!

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    Easters Contingent 2017

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    Australasian Representatives 2017

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    UOW Debaters in Action!

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    Meeting Debaes through Debating...

The official page for the Students of Wollongong Organised Recreational Debating Society (SWORDS).
Everyone loves a long winded acronym, and UniClub's Club of the Year for 2016, highly commended in 2017 AND 2018, and host of of the Event of the Year 2017!

Check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on our society events, and Instagram for some aesthetic debating shots!

Meeting times for Autumn 2019:

Tuesday: 5:30pm-9pm


Week 1: 67-104

Week 2 onwards: 67-101

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If you want to know more, drop us a line at uowdebatingsociety@gmail.com, or for school related enquires (such as training days and adjudicating), email uowdebatingschools@gmail.com

About Us:

SWORDS is the University of Wollongong's Debating Society, and open to all past, present and future UOW students. We participate in Intervarsity debating tournaments and aim to develop our members public speaking skills in a community environment, practicing both Australasian style (3v3) debating and British Parliamentary style (BP) debating.

Our weekly meetings are super easy to join in on-we run a seminar on a topic area (not just politics!) before jumping into casual debates where you can debate, judge or just watch-no expereince required! We also run social events such as dinners, karaoke, awards nights and drinks throughout session, and we're always open to suggestions for more!

For those wanting to take their debating to the next level, there are competitions hosted by other universities in Sydney (and even Canberra and Melbourne) nearly every weekend, which provide multiple rounds of debates, food, and usually a fun social on the Saturday night to meet other like minded uni students-and we host our own twice a year (MiniGong), right here at UOW's amazing Wollongong campus. 

And if you really want to have it all, there are 4 major competitions we attend each year-the Australian Intervarsity Championships ('Easters'-designed for new debaters and judges) over the Easter long wekeend, the Australasian Debating Championships (Australs) held for a week in June/July, the Australasian Wom*n's Championships (Wom*n's, for Women, non-binary and non-cis men/women) over a weekend in September, and finally the World University Debating Championships, held the week over New Year's Day. Each of these provides heaps of debating, social events and often the chance to travel the world! In 2019 these competitions will be held at UNSW, Bali, Macquaire Uni and Thailand respectively, and SWORDS is happy to annouce we will be able to subsidise attendance for those who are selected to attend!

We also work heavily with the local schools, running The Illawarra Schools Tournament, a schools competition encompassing high and primary school teams from the Illawarra, South Coast, and Sydney regions at the end of the year, along with training and coaching days at the start of the year. We also provide adjudicators for the Premier's Debating and Public Speaking Competition, HICES Debating, and are the offical coaches and sponsors of the Junior Schools Debating Championship (JSDC) Illawarra South East Debating team each year.

The 2018-19 Executive Committee:

President: Dimitrious Havadjia
Vice-President (Finance): Imogen Hubber
Vice-President (Admin/Secretary): Jack Reid
Vice-President (Events): Eileesha Smith
Vice-President (Schools): Paul Tatarov                                                                                                                               

Equity Officers: Eileesha Smith and Charlie Gonzalez

UOW Debating Society Achievements:

2019: Australian Intervarsity National Debating Championships Octo Finalists

World University Debating Championships Partial-Double-Octo Finalists

2018: Australiasian Intervasity Debating Championships Partial-Double-Octo Finalists

2016: Australian Intervarsity National Debating Championships Semi Finalists

2015: Australian Intervarsity National Debating Championships Octo Finalists