• Make-up and special effects workshop

    Keep an eye our for more special guest workshops!!!

  • Gamefest 2016

    Our Cosplay Competition gang from Gamefest run by the VGA

  • Workshops

    Join our workshops run by members and experts!!!

  • Conventions

    Come hang at Conventions!!!

  • Bombshell Group

    Bombshell Group

  • Oz Comic Con Group Photo Meet Up

    It was so great to see everyone at Oz Comic Con!

  • Oz Comic Con Sunday Group Photo Meet Up!

    Our Sunday group photo, it was so great to see everyone's lovely faces.

  • Cosplay Jackets!!!

    Our Cosplay Jackets came in!!! Message us on facebook if you'd be interested in another order of these things!!

  • One of our pre-oz comic con workshops

    Everyone working hard on their cosplays.

  • Comic Gong Was a Blast

    Throwback to Comic Gong, Thanks @Tinacreeper for the photo!

Welcome to the UOW Cosplay Society!!!

This is a welcoming community for students and non-students to enjoy the art of cosplay and creation

Our club runs Workshops, Events and Competitions throughout the year so keep up to date on our facebook group at the top right of this page


What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is anything that involves dressing up and enjoying being your favourite character. Whether your costume is bought, made or if you're from a TV Show, Movie, Anime or Video Game, everyone is welcome!


How do I start Cosplay?

Pick your character, and start creating!!! Our Society is here to inspire and help newbies to cosplay to get going. So if you need help just post or message us on our facebook group and everyone will be happy to lend a word or a hand.


Any ideas of future events to run?

Just post in the Facebook group or message any execs on the page and we are more than excited to hear your ideas. This club can't run without the input of our amazing members!!!

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Sewing Resources!

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Your one stop for all sewing resources, If you have anymore questions, message the UOW Cosplay Society Page for more help. 

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Painting Resources

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A quick little info guide for painting resources! if you have anymore questions send us a message on the UOW Cosplay Society Page on Facebook!