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2017 T2 CABLE Workshops
| 22nd Jul

CABLE is running following workshops for Trimester 2   Saturday 22nd July, 2017 FIN 921: 10am - 1pm,...Read more »

CABLE and Woolyungah BBQ
| 4th Aug

CABLE will Co-host a BBQ for CABLE members, Indigenous Students and ITAP mentors. The event is free,...Read more »

This is Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education (CABLE) home page.

The Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education (CABLE) is a program where a group of academic high achievers in Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong, dedicated to help peer Chinese students academically in accounting, finance, management and other relevant majors, with an aim of providing and sharing experiences of studying and living overseas.

To fulfill our aims, our group is academically focused, socially innovative, aiming building community engagements. Our group gives high priorities to 1st year Chinese international students, to help them overcome early stage university difficulties, to reduce failure rate and increase retention.

中国学生商学院同盟会是由在澳学习优异,经验丰富的中国和外国学生组成,致力于帮助广大的中国学生掌握正确的学习方法以及通过解惑答疑的方式来解决中国学生在学习过程中的困难。希望广大的中国学生能积极参与,共同讨论, 共同进步!