• 2016 first BBQ

    126 members gather for the first BBQ of the year!!

  • KidzWish Cricket

    ChemSoc vs BioNet KidzWish Charity Cricket

  • KidzWish Charity Cricket

    ChemSoc vs BioNet Kidzwish Charity Cricket

  • Chemsoc Hiking Trip #1

    Our easter hike to the Royal National Park.

  • Chemsoc Hiking Trip #2

    Chemsoc members hiked some 13km across the Heathcote National Park on Saturday 14th of May.

ChemSoc is a UOW campus school based society, with both student and staff as members. Most of us are interested in or studying chemistry in some way. If you study chemistry at any level, research or undergraduate, it's the place to be. But, above all, we are a social club and welcome anyone as members.

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